Madhubani Painting - Peacock Pair - In Wood Frame

Sholapith Durga
Mithila women paint peacock pairs - the symbol of love and romance - in this Madhubani painting. Completely crafted with vegetable colours on handmade paper, this painting has been framed in a wooden box without glass for you to experience the texture

Rs. 10,500/-

The details

  • Dimensions: 18 inches X 24 inches
  • Frame: Wood box frame, no glass

Note: Dear patron, every piece of handicraft is unique, and at times, once a piece of art is sold, it may take up to a month to get another crafted. Let us know when you like something, and we will get all the forces to bring it to you fast. :)


Sholapith Durga
A tale more fascinating than fairy tales, a deed worth salutes over and over again, Madhubani paintings have layers deeper than the tangible ones. Once upon a time, way before contemporary means of entertainment were conceived, the women of Mithila occupied themselves with illustrating their daily chores and their love for the divine on the insides of their mud dwellings. This was a daily chore, a ritual that helped them connect with the divine, a ritual that nobody thought anything more of than a domestic chore. This was going to change soon though.

In the 1930s, an unfortunate earthquake that shook the dwellings of many in Bihar, caused a British gentleman, William Archer, to discover the art in the exposed interiors of the Mithila households. This gentleman was quick to acknowledge the wall doodling as art. This art, however, made its way to people outside only after another disaster hit this region.

Thirty years after Archer's discovery, Bihar was hit by a drought resulting in a dreadful famine. Challenged with sustenance, the Bihar government encouraged the women of Mithila to commercialise their art. Soon Mithila/Madhubani paintings had takers all over the world. These women and their supposed humble chore, thus, went on to save a generation.

Sholapith Durga
More power to these women! More power to art!

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